Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Danial 'Ammar

Birthday cake yang diminta....Delicious bangat!

My first born - 26.06.04

Cam Zara Aliyah pulak pun ada

Very cheeky boy

Muke seposen...tak bersalah!

It was the long awaiting event of the month. Yup, the preparation, selecting and ordering cakes, choosing the best gift (he's 5 ok..ada banyak demand but final word is from me!), buying jajans for party packs..etc. This year we had the party at his kindy. First time tuh. He was so excited. Throughout the week, kept on asking bila Friday. Hubby pulak admitted this week, so i am so exhausted between commuting KL-Melaka, planning for the birthday, telefon McD....etc. Cake nasib baik dah order awal, and sempat ambil walaupun tak ketemu tuan punyer blog. This year, my son nak cake Upin Ipin. Malas nak citer panjang, kiter layan gambar jer laa...

Oh..ini birthday gift untuk dia:

LeapPad...he loves it!

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Lulu said...

5 years old when is d next?hehe....