Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Admitted in Putra Specialist Hospital

Not me, but hubby. He had high fever since Saturday. Went to 2 clinics here in Melaka. At the end, me and mom decided to admit him in the Putra Specialist where mom has few contacts with good doctors there (mom worked as a nurse with them before). She called Datuk Dr Suhaimi and he asked us to bring hubby to meet him. After we got the referral letter, off we went to the hospital.

Went for blood test, x-ray etc di A&E first. Requested for a single room since knowing our son can be restless being in room shared with other patients. Nasib baik ada bilik kosong. Bilik spacious, siap ada few Astro channels. Then Dr came and told us that it was not dengue. I didn't accompany him that night even though son was soooo looking forward to spend the night with his babah.

Off to work the next day as early as 5am since i have to make the journey from Melaka to KL. Ahcu accompanied me. Sangat mengantuk sebab si kecik tido tak lena. Jadi golkeeper sepanjang malam. Reached KJ late, before 8am. Finished everything by 1pm. Balik Wangsa Maju to take few things (car seat for Baza, party packs, books, birthday gift etc.) Oh, our Maxis Broadband too. Kat hospital ada 3G, so can go online (we can't live without the Net for one day).

Today i am on unpaid leave (jadik teacher there's no paid leave, ek). Luckily can go online, so i was not bored while hubby kept on changing the channels. They don't have HBO, only Max. Movies are the same. Bosan seyyyyy. Went home in the afternoon sebab the young boy sudah buat bising kenapa i didn't wait for him to see his babah. Took a nap with the young boy til 4pm and off again to the hospital til now.

I missed the 'washout' procedure today. A device was inserted into the nose to washout the 'so-called sinus' thingy. Hubby said it was green in color. He said, "Kalu u tengok, mesti u geli,". Mom said, "Mesti along tak tahan tengok, tak yah laa."..hehehehe...tengok darah pun leh pitam ooooo!

Tomorrow off to work again from Melaka. Will take half day again. Definitely it'll be another tiring journey. Huarghhhhhhhh......

p/s: Looking forward for the birthday celebration for the young boy
and Transformer!


Lulu said...

No wonder u looked so tired this morning...

tak k!

Miz Izzy said...

adoi. ulang alik?
i can feel ur pain.

p/s - get well soon abg faizal.