Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My feveret Deejays!

Yeah, my feveret deejays. Finally i managed to take picture with them in FRIM (Green Day Celebration) last Sunday. This is the second time i met them in person. The first time was in Pavillion for the 'Shake Our Hand' road tour. I always listened to them on my way to work every morning. These two have chemistry between them when they are on air. Just like Will and Shaz (oh, i missed Shaz..wonder where is she now?).

I started listening to RedFM way back when Shaz was still around. I listened to her when she was with Mix FM. Then, one fine morning while tuning my car radio searching for a good station, i heard her voice. Yeah, she's on air again with a brand new station which is RedFM!

I love RedFM because they played songs from the 80s and 90s, songs that i grew up with when i was abroad and Wednesday nite is always one of our best nites in uni (it's ladies nite!) and i could recalled back old memories whenever these songs are on air!

Not only that, they have cool contests and it's easy to win the prizes! Hubby, me and sis always compete who will win those prizes especially the movie tixs! Not one tix ok.....but FOUR!

The verdict:
Dilly is small in size but she is so bubbly. On the other hand, JD is quite tall (he is soooooo PROUD of it) but yet very friendly....these two are so gila-gila, whether they are in the studio or outside there shaking hands with their listeners. Talking to them is like chatting with an old friend...keep up the good work guys!

p/s: my boy was showing off his 'handsome' face due to the weather was soooo hot and he wanted another round of face painting!


Lulu said...

In fact, i donot those deejays...:P

But I can c ur handsome boy showing his face...hahaa!COOL~

mama danial said...

Lulu, tune in to RedFM at 104.9 from 6 til 10 in the morning. Then you'll know!

Nuraizah@Yong said...

I love them too! Esp now that they have the "Lost in the 80s" segment. Pagi tadi kuar Wham's Careless Whisper. Aiyoo K.adie, I think we're growing old lar! (just realise meh??!) Hehehe