Sunday, June 14, 2009

David Foster & Friends -NTV7

Watched them today on NTV7.
Awesome....David Foster and name a few: Josh Groban, Peter Cetera, Celine Dion etc.
Hubby said, if they perform in KL, he wouldn't mind paying for the tickets because they are just AWESOME!..if you had watched it just now, you'll know what i meant by totally AWESOME!

p/s: now sedang sebuk mencairi the songs and videos. Even hubby sedang melayan Josh Groban! maaflah, album ni actually dah keluar lama, but i just knew about it tadi.

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Miz Izzy said...

ouh. yg die maen piano n other singers sing? ngee. yeap. sambil tgk sambil dpt goosebumps. meremang bulu roma dengar. xD