Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Reviews - Lost, Pelham, Enemies

Lama gila tak berblog. Am having the capital M written across my forehead. Let's start with movies that i've watched this week.

A. The Land of the Lost
With Will Ferrell as the main actor, you can imagine what kinda movie it'll be. We brought little boy to watch it last Saturday at TGV KLCC. It was kinda gross when the gigantic insect sucked Will's blood like mosquitos. There were few scenes which are not suitable for kids below 12. Even Danial as to close his eyes whenever the scenes appeared.

Verdict: Can do lah!

B. The Taking of Pelham 123
The bad guy and the good guy are both GREAT actors. The movie was a remake of the 1974's version (watch it on YouTube with my P5 children). I have watched all John Travolta's movies except for Hairspray. My favorite will be Face Off. I watched this movie in TGV KLCC on Monday with hubby.

Verdict: Awesome! Denzel's character needs lotsa patience being mentally tested by the crook. He even confessed his wrongdoings to John just to save another life in the hijacked train. I don't like the girl in the webcam. Nonsense asking the boyfriend to confess his love to her in those crucial moments. Idiot! Overall, i love John's character.

C. Public Enemies
Watched it today with hubby in GSC Pavillion. So far, i can't recall watching any Johnny Depp movies in cinema. Not even the Pirates movie (i don't like him being so dirty!). But in this movie, i'm so in love with his character. He acted so WELL in this movie as Johnny Dillinger. At first, i thought it'll be another boing 1930s kinda movie, but i was wrong! I was enjoying every moment of it especially the part when he walked into the police station but non of the policemen realised that he was the WANTED man!

Verdict: Awwww..he's so cute and MACHO...not like Charlie, he's just Johnny Dillinger! Hubby loves the color in this movie. From his perspective, the director blend the color well to suit the 1930s mood. As for me, never before am able to like 1930s movie, but this one ROCKS!

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