Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Am so IMPRESSED with their service...good job!

Today, i dragged Danial to the Imigresen office in Taman Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju.
Heard from friends that the process to get/renew our passports is even faster now.
*fingers crossed before i left home at 11.45am*

Reached the building and get our passport-sized photos.
The old chinese man offered me the form and with a small fee of RM2 per form, they will fill the form for you. So, i end up paid RM20 for the photos and form (me plus Danial's).

Arrived at the counter at 12:13pm. The officer gave me a number and immediately after that it was our turn! Sign here and there, scan the thumb print, etc and we were told to wait for our numbers to be called again. 12:16pm, we were called to the payment counter. I paid RM450 for two passports. The lady at the counter told us to come back again after 1 hour.

We didn't leave the office since i realised that our numbers are just around the corner. Half and hour later, voila! Our passports are ready to be collected. Walla, within one hour i managed to get my new passport. Am so impressed. Back in the old days, we have to wait for 3 days to collect them. Good job, well done!

p/s: Danial is so proud of his new passport. His next question was, "Berapa lama kita nak tido kat hotel?".....hahahahaha! Lama lagi nak oi kita nak ke Jakarta tuh.....

p/s: dah ada passport nih, panjang laa langkah kami sekeluarga melencong ke Singapura nanti...kalau balik JB, mesti nanti menyinggah ke sana....hehehehe!

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