Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Death cases are still rising.
How to curb the disease if the public are still not taking any precautions?
I am worried for my son's health since he has asthma. And there are less kids in his kindy now.
(i guess parents are keeping them away from school).
I think i should do the same thing, kan?
I didn't use the mask, hubby does.
And i FORCED my son to wear it when i was in Melaka last weekend.
(even a short trip to the nearby supermarket, i'll make sure he wears it)

In my school, we are going to check the children's temperature when they enter the school compound tomorrow. And everyone got to have their own sanitizer. (Duh, forgot to get one for Danial...cisss!)

p/s: hoping that cousin Hadee will recover from H1N1. Hoping that nenek will still be strong and healthy. Also to aunty, uncle, Deeba and Satuni. Oh, pakcik Saini too.

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