Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MC for 2 days

Went to the clinic again.
If yesterday morning was due to itchyness, this evening was allergy reaction.
I panicked when i saw the red spots. A lot and ugly!

After having sushi for dinner, we went to the nearest clinic.
Dr was a young man (mom said must be a fresh houseman).
He wrote 2 pages full of report about me and my allergies.
And, he added another day of MC for me. Initially was 1 day..then he add another day.
(Tengkiu Dr, i really need the rest!)

Just popped my tablets and off to bed. Hope will not doze off while watching Gossip Girl on 8tv.


Mrs Zake said...

Alahai kesiannye...
bawak2 berehat dan minum air lebih2 ok. Jgn lupa makan ubat.

pid pid said...

get well soon!

minum ayaq banyak2 pastu cium. hahahaha