Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Capital M

Lama betul tak update blog.
Lebih kerap mengupdate status FB than blog.
Semenjak guna phone baru, it makes my life easier to update and take pictures in FB.
So many things happened last week.
Zara kena admitted di HKL. Arin and abah's birthday. and on Monday, my anak bujang pulak kena cirit-birit and muntah-muntah. Til now, masih belum mahu makan apa-apa except milk. Tekak mungkin rasa payau kot.
I am counting the days til holidays. Still have 3 more weeks to go.
I managed to find a suitable hotel for the 3 of us in Jakarta.
Not too fancy as long as ada pool and Wifi. It's Ibis Kemayoran. I read the reviews, not bad for a 3 star hotel.
Now, preparing for school closing.
And our trip too. Can't wait to go jalan-jalan again.
Oh, year end will be going back to JB and again a day trip to Singapore.
Perhaps hubby will change his mind and book a room for a night.
We heard that Singapore sangat cantik masa Krismas.

p/s: Hard Rock Cafe Penang ada promo untuk their rooms til December. Bila agaknya nak ke Penang lagi?

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Miss BumbleBee said...

oh shoot. the singapore trip and ahchu belum ada piggy bank lah!

eh, semalam dlm cab dgr iklan HRH Penang, tapi tak pasti ado promo opening ke tak.