Thursday, October 22, 2009

After 5 years....

After 5 years, am back wearing contact lense.
The funny part is...the kids didn't recognise me
(they were staring and whispering among themselves!)
They thought i am a new teacher.
Even colleagues commented that i looked different today.
Yeah, today am having luncheon with the P6
(i was told they ordered food from Eden, ok!).
Wearing my pink baju kurung and Crocs heels.
Something that they rarely see me in it.
So today, i am a very sopan santun teacher (As if...!)

p/s: Jane and Fara looked deeply in my eyes to investigate whether am i really wearing my lenses!...funny lah!


Marsha~ said...

ishhh.. tak aci ni, kami nak gak tgk gambar?? nape tak amik gambar?? heheh

nita9060 said...

hihihi.... pink color hahh... tot blue... so sure u look so ladylike maa.... jgn lupe post pic tu k...

Weed and Bandages said...
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pid ngok ngek said...

memang sopan.. tengok dari ataih sapa kah itu cikgu meriah tak hengat.. hahahaha.. rilek ahh..jangan la sopan santun selalu.. hyperactive ah! hahahha.. tak syok ahh selalu sopan sopan..