Sunday, March 14, 2010

Langkawi - Day 1 (13th March)

Depart from LCCT almost 20 minutes late.
Passengers were restless. My boy too.
Arrived safely in Langkawi around 5.30pm.
Booked a Viva (A) for RM400. Saturday til Wednesday.
It's funny though how Danial thought that there'll be another supir driving us around Langkawi.
He thought there'll be another Pak Sulis, our supir during the trip to Jakarta.
Then only i realised that he might have thought that Langkawi is away from Malaysia.

Anyway, checked in to our room at Langkawi Boutique Resort, Pantai Cenang.
Spacious room. Boleh laa since it was a last minute reservation from
Hubby siap bawak maxis broadband. So, last night we berweb cam with Ahcu, tokma and Atuk back in Melaka.

Now, getting ready for island hopping. Pictures later. Ciao!

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