Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kulit terbakar

Yup. My skin is getting darker and darker due to excessive exposure to the sun lately.
Last weekend, outing for the Le Tour De Langkawi.
This week, getting ready for the Sports Day this Friday. We went for a raptai at the stadium today.
Very hot weather. Very dry. Very thirsty. Very tired. Very angry.

On Saturday til next Wednesday, will be in Langkawi. School holiday. Outing with my boys.
Langkawi is a very dry place. Again, sunbathing/sunburnt. Hope tak kena sunstroke.
Make plans this time to go island hopping, cable car and hunting for chocolates and more chocolates. I joked with MM and MD at work, "Will definitely visit the lake of Pregnant Maiden since i find it hard to have another baby," Good joke, huh?

Oh, our big investment is finally here. FINALLY...alhamdulillah. Will update later with pics.

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