Monday, March 1, 2010

Sore eyes then sore throat and now fever!

Went to see 3 doctors since Wednesday (24.02.10) and today i went to meet the 3rd Dr when the sore throat became worst this morning.

Dr Amaardev (KJ) - a nice Dr and jokes around with his patients. I always send my children when minor incidents happened in school. He said i had sore eyes. So, he prescribed with few meds and 2 days MC. Wolla! he even joked wondering what me and Ahcu have been doing since i got it from her!

Went back to Melaka and on Friday morning my sore eyes got worst because i was somehow straining my eyes during the journey back home. Put on the meds again and eat my antibiotics.

Sunday: While driving back to KL, i have to wear 2 pair of glasses. My sunnies and glasses to due to the hot weather along the highway. Nasib baik tak pening sebab tak boleh pakai contact lense nak guna my sunnies. Went to see another Dr sebab by then my right eye dah jadi sore too.

Dr Nazrin (a locum with Klinik xxxxx) - oh gosh! my worst experience ever. Just imagine, when i told her that i was feeling a bit feverish, she just ask me to put a thermometer under my armpit. Didn't even make an effort to check me properly, not even the throat! While waiting the thermometer to buzz, she was busy clearing her things on the table. What the heck? Hubby went in to see the Dr too and personally asked her to prescribed some Clarinase for his running nose (he's is so comfortable with that med after he was discharged from hospital Putra last year). Guess what, she prescribed the normal ubat selsema for him and after taking them last night, he knocked out and slept like a baby!

Before we can take out meds, the Dr has already checked herself out from the clinic. The was a young girl in the treatment room with the father sedang ambil ubat untuk lelah. The girl was reluctantly pushing away the mask at first. The Dr didn't even try to make an effort to coax her to take the med. Sh just said to the clinic's nurse, "Kalau ada masalah, telefon saya." Duh, ko tuh Dr laa dik. Mana bisa tinggalkan pesakit begitu saja. (Oh, she only prescibed me another ubat titis mata sebab Dr said the Neco Deca yang diberi oleh Dr Amaardev adalah steriods, it'll make my sore eyes worst. Betul ke?)

Dr Aziz - Met him this morning. He said that i might have sore eyes due to allergies not because the normal sakit mata. That's why i have sore throat too. So, he prescribed a different set of meds (again!). Still have watery eyes now and then. But now, fever pulak. 5.30 pm when i checked my body temp was 38.3. No wonder my body are really aching! Oh, i asked Dr Aziz about Dr Nazrin whether is she a locum or what. When he said yes, i just kept quiet. Malas nak tel him the details of previous night encounter. Not in the mood at all. PR dia pun tak bagus sangat.

Doctors should learn PR skills, aye? Best doctors so far (in KL) is the doctor that opens a Klinik Mesra in Taman Sri Gombak. Nice and humble. His clinic ada plasma tv yang sangat besar! ala, lupa lak nama dia. And Dr Amaardev too. An old man but with a very good sense of humor!

Jangan jadik macam Dr Khairul. Erghh....nasib baik perangai Keno dulu tak macam dia!

Now, after taken my meds, i am going to bed. Night peeps!


Miss BumbleBee said...

Oh, Dr Nazrin is a SHE. thot a guy.

Anonymous said...

get well soon bebeh!