Thursday, March 4, 2010


They can be really a pain in the ass, sometimes.
They need to learn how to ask nicely.
They need to use Thank You more often.
They need to be more sensitive to others.
To all the Men out there, Appreciate Women as much as you can!

p/s: i am dedicating this entry to the incidents that i had was really an awful day!!!

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Anonymous said...

i pernah cakap when my partner tak boleh cakap elok-elok,

'Awak ingat awak husband, so that u can treat me like this? Saya selalu considerate and be able to tolerate kenapa awak tak boleh? Oh well, because you adalah 'husband'. And very powerful lah?'

Kadang-kadang ekpresi penting. Kita pun cari makan, kita pun share duit. Kita boleh tolak ansur, kenapa depa tak boleh? Ye tak?

Bila sebut bab 'power', I agak kurang setuju walaupun suami dikatakan ketua rumah.

Well, ketua pun patut BELAJAR macam mana nak tolerate and talk nicely.

We can get fade up kan?