Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kedai Baju Sireh Pinang

After dinner at Wangsa Walk, me and hubby went in and out few shops over there. At the concourse area, Sireh Pinang was having their baju kurung sale. I saw a very cute baju kurung cotton for kids aged 2. Teringat kat Zara. Asked for a same pattern untuk Anum but tiada size. Fine.

After that, the owner/shop manager brought one pattern for an adult size, size 2 and size 4. Tapi OMG, kaler ntah apa-apa. I continued to browse for my own size. Saw a very nice pattern, little pink flowers. The best part it is on sale for 50%! I quickly grabbed it and try it on. (plus few other patterns)

After i came out from the fitting room, the lady said the item that i tried on was actually for someone else. Her helper told her just sell the baju kurung to me. And this was her reply in front of me,"Tak boleh, yang booked tu Manager Customer ......."

WTH... I was about to ask whether that person ada letak duit booking atau tidak but i dah lost my mood. Malas nak argue. Even when she tried to persuade me to choose others, i just walked away.

Moral of the story: Macam ni laa kalau Melayu nak berniaga. Ntah orang tu jadi beli atau tidak!!!

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