Monday, May 31, 2010

Award-winning teacher's secret: Reading and sex

I read this news online. I laughed and showed to hubby. He said the teacher might gained his energy through consuming loads of keropok lekor or sata.

This is what the teacher has to say to the media:

"The father of four said he made it a point to have sex daily before he and his wife retired for the night and felt it made him more agile and active.

“A good and legitimate sexual relationship is a kind of energy booster for me and my wife that has not only kept our marriage ties cordial but also made our bodies and brains functioning remarkably,” he added."

p/s: Cik Feeda, how? Boleh? Ko kan suka membaca....:)

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Deew and Bandages said...
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cik peed said...

membaca saja tak cukup beb.. hahahaha...

tapi aku suka dia punya method. sangat jujur dah tulus gitu..

dek non berahi ok..hahahhaa