Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School Holiday

Yeah, it's just around the corner.
But unfortunately, due to hubby's hectic schedule, we might not be able to go for a holiday this time.
Not even balik JB. (Singapore Sale dah start dah!)
Nevertheless, i am looking forward for it. Boleh rehat sebab term ni agak sibuk.
And looking forward nak berehat dengan anak kesayangan ku itu.
We are going out to Sunway Lagoon with the usual gang too. Ana, Kalai, Kavi.
Ingel pun nak ikut katanya. Yeah....jadi laa, walaupun dekat.
At least kali ni dia ada geng nak main.

His birthday is also in this month. I already bought an Iron Man 2 car for his birthday gift. Then, he pau me another figurine. Next, his dad promised him another Iron Man figurine. Oh boy, dah besar rupanya anak mama ni!

Yes, he is still a baby to me. A big baby!

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