Thursday, June 17, 2010

He'll be 6 soon!!

Yeay, my baby boy dah nak jadi anak bujang. Besar dah anak mama ni. Feels like yesterday i was punching my other half during the labour pain. Yup, it was an endless pain from 10am til 7am the next morning. Induced laa lagi, sapa suruh?

At 6, he talks non stop. Always have excuses especially when it comes to homework. Loves football. With the WC season now, he learns to identify the flags and their countries. Very curious with his surroundings. Has sharp eye like his dad. Oh, likes to put on hair gel and his Superman body spray. Followed a lot of atuk's traits especially bab memerintah and babah's trait especially bab style tido.

Still lives with his grandparents. Loves Teh O Ice and Teh Ice. Can eat nasi ayam, nuggets, fish n chip as many as he wants too. Dislike shoes, preferred slippers. Admired teams from Spain, USA, England, Argentina and South Africa. Great at Maths but lousy at writing (boys?!!!).

Love you lots Danial 'Ammar!!

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