Monday, December 6, 2010

Mata tak leh lelap

It's 1:42 am.
I am still looking at the PC. I can't sleep, yet.
I tried to change the layout, but i failed. Penat dah menggodek.
I might sleep now or i'll end up discovering things that i shouldn't know.
But somehow, i knew about it and THE TRUTH HURTS...yeah, it still does.
People say time will heal but i don't think so in my case.
Saya PENDENDAM orangnya, being an Aries most of the time i keep things to myself but once it's out i tend to be nasty and you will not like me after that.
Should i believe you after this? Hanya Allah yang tau perasaan saya sejak minggu lepas.

On a different note, i am enjoying my holidays. Si kecik dah merengek nak balik Melaka, rindukan adik-adik di sana. Yeah, i know how he feels. Here in KL, he's stuck with mama, babah and Ahcu. Sana ada atuk, tokma, adik hanum, adik zara, abang sebelah, Mak sebelah even CC can be his good friend too. LOL. Next weekend, i'll send him back to Melaka. Makan pun culas sejak di KL. Penat tanya nak makan apa tiap hari.

Bought a new book last week, 'How Starbucks Save My Life'. Almost done with that piece. Next, i have to unwrapped my Sophie Kinsella pulak. I have three and surely will choose Mini Shopholic to start off. Can't wait to read it!

While writing this entry, the songs from Big R Radio Network is my companion. I love to listen to the 90 hits channel, they played songs from the 90s which brought back old memories when i was studying in Australia in the 90s. Somehow, i missed my student life over there. It has been almost 10 years but the memories are still strong especially the good times i had with friends back in Wagga Wagga.

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