Sunday, December 5, 2010

KLIMS 2010

Budusnye....i accidentally refresh the page and all my earlier written entry about the trip to KLIMS have gone kaputtttt....!!!!

Yeah, today we went to KLIMS at PWTC. Ramai gila orang. But one thing that i HATE the most are all these AMATUR photographers taking this shot and that shot. It's hard to look and admire the cars when the view is being blocked by all these people. Please laa, take one or two shots isn't enough? Somemore, i am with a boy that is very excited to look at all the fancy cars! Visitors like me would appreciate if you take your lenses somewhere else! Not forgetting the models with the cars. What with models wearing skimpy clothes standing besides the car? I admired the models from Proton. They looked smart in the attire compared to those that looked more like a slut than a model representing the brand. Can't they be fully dressed? Oh, the models from Toyota (i think!) looked so elegant in grey long dress. Siap ada violin performance lagi!!! One model was terkangkang posing on the Harley Davidson. I was wondering what is wrong posing properly on it? Do you really need to open wide your legs like that?!!!

My son admired the Bumblebee but was afraid to take photo with it. His excuse was in case the car became alive!!! I enjoyed looking at the new Vespa(s) by Naza. Quite affordable actually. There's this one model is only RM10k plus. Monthly if you took the 3 years loan will cost you RM200 for the monthly payment.

This is the Vespa that i loike so much!!!

I will give 3 out of 5 star for this exhibition. If not because of the photographers, i would enjoyed my trip a lot. Paying RM20 for an adult ticket is not worth it when the view is blocked by all these people. I saw an old man trying really hard to push his wife on a wheelchair. He finds it very hard to squeeze among the photographers taking shots at the Brabus section.


Ms. TaroAthirah said...

kaklong, bukan dia auto save ke? hee :D

vespa itu super hensem! saya suka juga!

wawajoe said...

Taro: hensem kan Vespa tuh? ada variety color lagik!
Auto save? ntah, tak jumpa. hilang akal nak tulis semula!