Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been very bz lately ever since the new term started last week. Currently, i'm adopting a class (a good one!) til 1st July. The previous class teacher has left and i am now responsible for taking care of these GREAT 24 bunch of kids. They are SMART and undeniable funny and full sense of humor. Takde laa macam some bunch of kids yang so one definitely NOT. Oh, bz with them sebab this Friday will be our PTM a.k.a report card day. It's quite tedious to prepare the report card (i did it last year!) Why? There's a column where class teachers are supposed to write comments on academic achievement and behavior in class. Hmm, tak boleh pakai tulis jea. Kena pikir betul-betul.

Sunday was Father's Day. Since Ahcu is still somewhere in the jungle di daerah Sibu, we didn't really celebrated it. Wait for Ahcu laa to come home from her long journey (Danial kata, 'Ahcu masuk hutan,'). The day when she'll come home, we will celebrate Mom and Dad's 34th Anniversary.

Last Saturday, we booked a place di McD Bandar Utama for Danial's bday party. It'll be his first time having his bday party luar rumah. Normally, we did it at home. This year, mom a.k.a ME is very malas to clean and prepare. When it comes to RM, i think it's still the same. We're having it on 5th July. Oh, the little boy already mentioned not to have clowns (McD mascots) for his bday. Plus, he wants an Ultraman Cake......kena book cepat-cepat jelly cake nih gambar Ultraman. His dad gave him his bday gift last weekend gak. Guess what???? Ultraman 2 ketul plus ngan spaceship nya. Really into Ultraman laa mamat tuh.

Today, i came back early sebab en suami tiada (sebuk ke Angkasapuri). I cleaned the fan di master bedroom, hall tv and the aircon. Baru puas hati saya setelah setahun tak bersihkannya..hahahaha...pemalas sungguh!


Arin said...

akhir nya terlaksana juga cita2 hendak mengemas umah ek!tade danial..bleh ar kemas..cuba ader dia..nk main truck ngn bedak pon nk suh teman..tak rock!

wawajoe said...

Nama jer anak anak jantan, tapi penakut Ya Rabbi!