Sunday, September 14, 2008

Here and there......

How many days left til Raya?
Hmmm....can't wait for that laaa...
Kesian my mum now that my grandma is put on drip (she doesn't have the appetite to eat), her kerja pun bertambah....
dah laa jaga my notty one tuh...what should i do?
Nak amik dia and jaga, macam tak buleh amik unpaid leave.
Did any aunties offer to help her?...err, dun't think so..they only came during the weekends due to their bz schedule life as working people..oh puh-lz, it's your own mother laaa...
sometimes aku geram tul kat makcik2 aku nih....lepas beban cam tuh jer...(mentang-mentang mom was an ex-staff nurse)
i remembered when my late grandpa (mom's side) dulu terlantar di PPUM....even the cousins pun took turn to jaga him. When my mom was not around, the other uncles or aunties will jaga him.
i remembered one fine night, me and all the cousins layan citer Jerangkung masa kat umah nenek. hahahaha...that was the best time i bonded with all the cousins (i'm the first cucu both sides!)

Other than that, my boy got his prize from Astro Ceria (i entered a contest on his behalf and he got an invitation to attend their 2nd bday bash). He got a 2gb Ipod Nano! huhuhuhu...Ahcu jeles gla budak umur 4 tahun ada Ipod...hahaha....i've downloaded few surah for him. Lagu lom lagik...according to mum, he likes to atuk JB jer?

p/s: Suddenly aku emo teringatkan arwah atuk was there at the airport when i came back for the first time for my winter holidays dulu. He was still strong back then. Nenek too was there. Proud to see their first grandchild came back from oversea!


Anasfadilah said...

haha!jerangkung!!layan citer hantu...heheh

saya masih ingat!!

lepak spital la best!siap ngorat matron..matron kasik air milo ngan kuih lagik!!hahaha

p/s::miss arwah atuk dearly..if ever he could see ziyyad..hmm

gambar ammar mana??

Anonymous said...

Salam Cik Adzua,
-Selamat Hari Raya-
yang x sampai 2 mggu bakal tiba...Saya Salmah.. Matrix Sal-(Umah Balqis)Remember? Pesanan cik adzua dulu2 kat saya, nnt kena vote sape... P44.. :-)

Cik Adzua,I Really miss u...
I can't view ur profile that why use this comment..UAE block...
I add u in fs but still pending..

my email:
hope u will email me...
Take Care!