Monday, May 25, 2009

Berlagak sey....*pada pandangan saya*

Today, i tried to purchase something from a famous blogger (rasanya laa..that's why she put up the terms differently from other sellers). Unfortunately, after i smsed her saying that i will make the payment on my payday, this was her exact reply,"Owh, i dun reserve anything more than 24h, but if by that time its still avail, then its ur luck!" me, awat laa kekwat sangat. I have bought things from here and here. Read their terms and conditions.

I even bought two items from this site. Required to pay 50% only and can pay bila dah payday. She trusted her clients. Thats why she has many clients because her toys are one of a kind and very reasonable price!

Even this blogger, she will asked us to pay once we have received the items. Also from UK. See, some people are easy to deal business with. Some are...A PAIN IN THE ASS!

As for this kekwat blogger, my pain is your loss!

p/s: relaxs laa beb kalau nak berniaga pun. Rezeki ada dimana-mana lah!

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