Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lu makan cili, lu sendiri rasa pikir laa sendiri!

Ish..ish..ish...ganas tul kan bunyik dia!
Tu laa, aku nak sound sorang blogger nih.
Ada blog, boleh tinggal comment..tapi setiap comment yang aku letak tak penah diapprovekan!
Lu pehal beb? takut dengan tulisan sendiri kaa?

Kalau tamo orang tinggal comment, kasi buang laa itu gadget!
Aku memang hangin dengan blogger camni...
Memang laa hak dia nak approve atau tidak, tapi asyik memanjang zero comment jek!
*atau tader orang yang baca blog dia..cuma ku sorang aje?*

Dah laa tuh, cas bagus bebenor...*bukan jeles, tapi kenyataan ok...!*

Blog sapa....? malas nak publish kat sini..biar saya sendiri jek yang amik tahu.

p/s: sila lawat blog kazen saya, Obefiend. Read the comments written from his readers. Ada dia pedulik kalau orang leave nasty comments? He didn't give a shit. Kena kutuk lagik ada laa...good job bro! i admired your guts...especially on the RPK case.

p/s: bila laa kau ni nak sedar ek? (to the earlier mentioned blogger...not Obefiend)


Obefiend said...

there was a time when i felt like moderating comments. then i remembered how shitty if felt to see comments not being published or took ages to be approved. the idea of blogging to me is to have real time discussion on things. as in any discussions, comments of differing opinions do crop up from time to time. censoring those comments because you disagree with them is censorship. i dont like my ideas to be muted and buried. so i decided against the moderation of comments!

rasa cam penakut pun ye. macam blog khir toyo and che det la. komen kena moderate! gah! emo sungguh. last last semua komen suck up je approved.sungguh tidak syiok.

on a side note masa zaman open dulu memang sometimes ada racist comments and caci maki. but after a while they just go away after seeing how i respond to them. last last diorang pun malas.

the most surprising thing about my RPK entry is from the 90+ comments not ONE actually disagree with me or ask curse me for what i did. i was really bracing for a backlash from RPK fans. that never came


a) they all agree with my point of view and RPK is losing his mojo


b) RPK fans just don't comment on blocks where their views have high probability to be pwnd.

i would go for the first. seriously surprised by the strong support by the NON PARTISAN lah i mean. yang pro UMNO tu as expected nak back slap me or buy me a year supply of coke. kah kah kah

Miz Izzy said...

haha. guess wut. lepas lil bace entry nieh. i straight went to my blog n change everything. cuz my previous layout x ley nak letak comment. so now da bole da. hahahaha! (nak testing ley x tahan ngan komen org)
wheeeee. =.='' confirm berapinyer la kalo buat post yg agak erm panas seperti abg effi kite ;)