Saturday, October 31, 2009

CUCI The Musical

Oh yes! Me, hubby, Ahcu and the young man went to Istana Budaya today to watch the matinee show (3pm). It was our (minus Ahcu) first experience to watch a theater (a musical one!) in Istana Budaya. There was a 20 minutes break during the show. It started at 3pm and ended at 6.30pm.

The experience:
It was really a GOOD experience for me and especially for the young boy. He laughed, he clapped and he asked numerous questions especially about the CUCI van. However, towards the end, he started to get restless (3 hours is TOO much for him!). I managed to coaxed him saying that there'll be another washing window action.

The cast:
I loved all of them especialy of course Afdlin and Adibah Noor. She is GOOD (obviously!)...the rest of the cast are really good too. I've watched all their movies together being from Sushi, Los dan Faun, Baik Punya Cilok, Setem etc..etc..etc...and these boys they do have chemistry between them. They are just like real brothers! Up to one extend, Afdlin couldn't help controlling himself laughing at Awie's face expression...he ended up dunno what was his next line during the show. It was so obvious from his tone of voice that he's actually LAUGHING!

The scores:
I personally like the theme song and the one that Afdlin sang...someting about Impianku (???). I wished the production will produced the soundtrack too. All the songs are really good! Hans did mention before that he can't sing but in this musical, he has proven that he's not bad at all...being the rest of the gang are/were singers! Adibah Noor? Hah, as usual, this lady has a very POWERFUL voice!

The set:
I love all their sets. Danial asked me why they didn't enter their house. I told him, it's just a replica, not a real one. They even performed the real washing window competition on stage. Hang themselves like the one they had in the movie. Oh, there was a gondola (the one used to wash the windows) and it almost landed where it is not supposed to be (at the edge of the stage).

The costume:

Farrah's (a.k.a Adibah Noor)'s costume was the best! She wanted to wear something like Diana Ross to a friend's birthday party (The theme was the 80s) but she ended up being a Sahara Yaakob (the lady rocker in the 80s), just imagined lah! Oh, CJ (a.k.a Vanida) wore a ot of red outfit. Afdlin's big tummy was really bulging!!!!...time to tone down bro!!!

The verdict
Hubby said he wanted to watch it again. The young man too. So, it was definitely worth our money to watch our first theater today! 5 stars for this one...Excellent job!!!

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Marsha~ said...

bestnye dpt tengok teater ni... lama btol tk tgk teater, last dulu pramlee the musikal kot